Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The first podcast should occur around January 26th. This will be the introduction to the class as well as some information about the texts we will be reading. If people want to read ahead, the first text will be Seeing Like A State by James Scott. This text will set the stage for the discussions for this semester.

"They would reconstruct society on an imaginary plan, much like the astronomers for their own calculations would make over the system of the universe" - Proudhon

The concept that we will be addressing is about shifting the argument about states and anarchy. As Hobbes alluded to, anarchy is the spectre that haunts the state. It is something that exists prior to the state, something that the state channels and controls. Prior does not mean that it is temporally before the state, rather that the state is based on the ability to limit the possibilities of anarchy. In other words, anarchy is not something that will be, rather it is something that underlies the very possibility of all order, disorder, and action. In other words, one cannot fight for anarchy, one can only fight to open up the possibilities of anarchy to proliferate, for possibilities to be created.

We will follow that with these texts (the links are for websites to download the text). If there are more texts that you would want to read please let me know:

Max Stirner- Ego and Its Own

Nietzsche- Twilight of the Idols

Mikhail Bakunin- God and the State

Emma Goldman- Anarchism and other Essays

Malatesta- Anarchy and The Anarchist Revolution

Novatorre- Towards the Creative Nothing

Guy Debord- Society of the Spectacle

Bonanno- Armed Joy, From Riot to Insurrection

Killing King Abacus- Selections

Hakim Bey- Temporary Autonomous Zone

The Invisible Committee- The Coming Insurrection

Introduction to Civil War

Fire To The Prisons #7- Permanent Potential in Permanent Conflict and We demand Nothing


  1. I may be able to sit in on class sometimes, but this is quite possibly one of the best ideas ever.

  2. seeing like the state is not on here..... is that a book I should be purchasing??