Monday, January 7, 2013

Reading List and Some Recent News

After some recent conversations it seems that it is time for me to start updating this blog a lot more regularly.  So, I am going to start putting out links to relevant articles having to do with tactics theory and insurgency, as well as some analysis, when I have time to write it, and other sorts of information.  I also started an account for those that want to read longer, published pieces I have been working on:

It seems relevant to begin this new initiative by posting a tactics theory reading list that I compiled.  It is just scratching the surface, a lot of this material comes in the form of shorter articles, but for those that are interested in looking into questions of police operations and tactical theory, this reading list is a place to start.

And, before you all start working through this list, read this article about Obama's appointee to head the CIA, John Brennan.  Brennan is currently the Deputy National Security Adviser for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, and the architect of the drone strike assassination campaigns, which have dramatically increased under Obama (for a comprehensive history of recorded American drone strikes see and for updates).  This appointment comes after the spectacular collapse of the career of Gen. David Patraeus, who was the primary theorist behind US counter-insurgency strategy.  It is clear that the reorganization of the US military, and this is bleeding into police department methodology, is one of constant surveillance within a concept of a total, given, security operation, that is capable of striking anywhere without committing ground troops or maintaining forward operating bases, supply lines or use of force agreements.  Remember all that talk about military downsizing during the election, well this is the reason why they are trying to narrow down force quantity, while amplifying force coverage.

See these links to learn more about Brennan, and then have fun with the reading list:,9171,2048317,00.html


On War- Carl Von Clausewitz

RAND Corporation- Cyberwar Is Coming! (Arquilla and Ronfeldt)

- Networks and Netwar Chapters 1,4,6,9 (Arquilla and Ronfeldt)

Nomadology and the War-Machine/Thousand Plateaus- Deleuze and Guattari

From the Centre to the Periphery- Alfredo Bonanno

Armed Joy- Alfredo Bonanno

20 Thesis on the Subversion of the Metropolis- The Invisible Committee

The Coming Insurrection- The Invisible Committee
Intro To Civil War- Tiqqun

War In The Age of Intelligent Machines- Manuel Delanda

Speed and Politics- Paul Virilio

Reflections on Violence- Georges Sorel

In Pursuit of Military Excellence: The Development of Operational Theory- Shimon Nahev

Army and Police Literature

US Army Field Manual 3-19.15-

US Army Counterinsurgency Manual

US Army Stability Operations Manual

Riot Control: Rex Applegate

Counterinsurgency- David Kilcullen

Learning To Eat Soup With A Knife- John Nagel

Maneuver In War- Colonel Charles Willoughby

Radical and Insurgent Literature

Enrages and Situationists in the May 68 Occupation Movement- Rene Veinetés-situationists-occupations-movement

Total Resistance- Major H Von Dach

Guerrilla Warfare- Che Guevara

Guerrilla Warfare- Mao Zedong

Philosophy of the Urban Guerrilla- Abraham Guillen

Relevant Histories

Forward Into Battle- Paddy Griffith

A Secret History of the IRA- Ed Moloney

History of the Art of War- Hans Delbruck

The Evolution of Weapons and Warfare- Colonel Trevor Dupuy

The Makers of Modern Strategy- Paret and Craig

Hollowland: Israel's Architecture of Occupation- Eyal Weizman

Lockdown America- Christian Parenti

Our Enemies in Blue- Kristian Williams

American Methods- Kristian Williams

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